This Week in #CollegeApps II

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This Week in #CollegeApps II

If you’re filling out your college application and you don’t Tweet about it–did you really fill it out? We thought not.

The team is LIVING for your #collegeapps tweets.  Here’s the best of the best from this week:

#10: When you realize your childhood is RAPIDLY coming to a close:

 #9: Just ease into the pain…

#8: Like Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all:

 #7: We’d all be rich (including the alumni that STILL GET THEM UGH):

 #6: Here’s my autobiography in 5 parts:

 #5: I mean…I guess you had it coming:

 #4: Someone else, take the wheel…

 #3: RT Forever:

 #2: Parents just don’t understand…

 #1: Yes. Just Yes. 

 Bonus: We all have our priorities, mkay?

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